Security Architecture and Engineering

Our security architecture and engineering services help companies build security into their networks and applications. Work with our senior security engineers to build a secure system using these skills and services:

  • System hardening. Sometimes security isn’t about what you add into a system; it’s about removing unnecessary features that provide additional exposure to threats. We’ll work with you to identify the unnecessary software and OS features that can be removed without impacting the applications you need to run.
  • Enterprise firewall management. Improperly configured firewalls are common and negate the effectiveness of these tools for keeping out unwanted users. Identifying ports to be disabled, IP addresses to be blocked, and implementing rules for accessing restricted services is complex, and it’s easy to unintentionally introduce risks. It’s also important to realize that configuring firewalls isn’t a one-time task; there needs to be an ongoing process of reviewing rules and removing those that aren’t needed. Appropriate policies, procedures, and tracking needs to be in place so changes can be made safely.
  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Protection Systems (IDS/IPS) management. Firewalls block unwanted kinds of network traffic, but you can’t block all traffic, and intruders will attempt to exploit the open ports. Firewalls also generally block external traffic and won’t protect against internal threats. Cradle Systems can deploy, configure, and mange your IDS and IPS systems to address these risks.
  • Public-key infrastructure (PKI) management and administration. Public keys provide much of the security for the Internet and eCommerce businesses. Managing keys and certificates and ensuring they’re shared and installed appropriately is the PKI management function.
  • Application security. Our security experts can review your application-level security model to make sure it’s effectively protecting application data and functionality.



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Cradle Systems can work with you to handle a specific incident, architect a solution to address a specific concern, or provide comprehensive data security services.
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