Cradle Systems offers a spectrum of managed security services including, but is not limited to the following specialty areas:

  • Enterprise Risk Management – Cradle Systems takes a strategic approach for identifying, analyzing, monitoring and responding to your organization’s internal and external risks. We help you know what’s out there, finding the hidden dangers that could leave your enterprise vulnerable.
  • Security Architecture and Engineering – Our team of Senior Security Engineers has proven experience designing, implementing and managing business solutions that work in the fiercest IT landscapes.
  • Identity Management – Controlling who has access to a system and limiting their privileges is necessary to securing any information system. Cradle Systems can help put in place the tools and processes needed to manage the identity lifecycle.
  • Cloud Security Services – Cloud security services started with email, web, and single-sign on functionality, but cloud security has grown to encompass other functionality such as encryption and security information and event management (SIEM). As companies move more and more data processing functions into the cloud, security will have to move with them.
  • Digital Forensics – Looking for that needle in a haystack or need to understand what happened – when and how? Our digital forensics practice is focused on uncovering all the details of any event.
  • Security Operations Support – We advantageously allocate resources to assess and protect your vulnerabilities, and are there to help you recover in the event of an incident.
  • Staffing Services – Cradle has the reach and the resources to connect you to the very best IT talent. We draw from our proprietary database and network of talented, qualified technology professionals to help you find the resource that fit seamlessly with your team and your goals. We remove the risk associated with hiring new talent and give you the confidence you need to move quickly and achieve sustained, measurable results.



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Cradle Systems can work with you to handle a specific incident, architect a solution to address a specific concern, or provide comprehensive data security services.
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