Digital Forensics

When an incident occurs, the first response is forward looking—stopping the breach and preventing future exposure from the same channel. Once the immediate effects are handled, dealing with the long-term effects requires looking backward to determine the specific details of what went wrong. Our digital forensics practice has multiple capabilities to uncover the details of what went wrong:

Investigative abilities and support
We’ll preserve data integrity and maintain evidence as we sift through logs, files, and other records to determine the details of the breach: how it occurred and what data was lost.

Litigation holds and eDiscovery
We can help you identify the data relevant to a litigation hold or legal matter and preserve it as required by the authorities.

Data recovery
Data is rarely truly lost; it just isn’t easily accessible. With the right tools, data can be retrieved from corrupted file systems or devices that have been deliberately wiped clean.

Malware analysis and removal
The range of malware is broad, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware, all of which put your company data at risk. Cradle Systems can identify malware that’s been installed on your servers and safely remove it without impact.



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