Cloud Security Services

Cloud security services started with email, web, and single-sign on functionality, but cloud security has grown to encompass other functionality such as encryption and security information and event management (SIEM). As companies move more and more data processing functions into the cloud, security will have to move with them. Cloud systems won’t stand in isolation but need to integrate with the functions that remain on corporate networks. Our expertise lets us evaluate the security services available from your cloud provider and verify they offer appropriate levels of protection that won’t compromise corporate data.

Our cloud security services can help with implementing deterrent and preventive controls, such as firewalls, which reduce the threat of attack and minimize vulnerabilities. We can help implement services including strong authentication, single sign-on, and federated systems to control who can access cloud systems without burdening authorized users. Systems monitoring, log monitoring and other methods detect security incidents when they happen, and we can help you limit their impact and restore compromised systems to a trusted baseline.

For sensitive data that needs higher levels of protection, we can help with the necessary installation and configuration of cloud-based encryption products or monitor specific files to ensure integrity. Audits and penetration tests can be performed against your cloud environment to confirm compliance with all appropriate standards, including HIPAA and PCI.

Cloud providers offer robust environments and have their own business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We can review your provider’s plan to ensure it meets your business need for data recovery and speedy resumption of operations in the event of an incident.



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Cradle Systems can work with you to handle a specific incident, architect a solution to address a specific concern, or provide comprehensive data security services.
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