Enterprise Risk Management

The goal of Enterprise Risk Management is to develop business strategies that protect both tangible and intangible assets under a broad spectrum of loss, including catastrophic losses. These losses can result from uncontrollable events, such as earthquakes, or controllable events, such as failure to conform to regulatory standards.

Cradle Systems provides a wide range of services to help companies assess their risks and develop plans to manage adverse events, including:

  • Audits for Regulatory Compliance. Cradle Systems can conduct audits to ensure that your firm complies with FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and any other regulatory requirements. Audits identify gaps in implementation of standards and provide guidance for corrective measures to be taken before outside auditors report flaws to regulators.
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning. BCP and DRP go together to document how a company will resume operations in case of a disaster, with the DRP focusing on the detailed technical steps required to restore the IT infrastructure and bring systems up after an unplanned shutdown.
  • Continuous Monitoring. Checklists and audits assess compliance with regulatory standards at a single point in time. Cradle Systems can deploy continuous monitoring tools that enable ongoing checks, ensuring that systems remain in compliance despite the inevitable changes that occur.
  • Security Awareness. Despite the capabilities of technology, the security of any business ultimately relies on the commitment of its employees to protect its systems. We provide security awareness training to help employees understand what constitutes sensitive information and the steps they need to take to secure it.
  • Security Test and Evaluation. Get an independent assessment of system security through techniques such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.




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Cradle Systems can work with you to handle a specific incident, architect a solution to address a specific concern, or provide comprehensive data security services.
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