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True IT security isn't achieved by building firewalls and applying an infinite series of virus definitions and security patches. Securing a corporate network and valuable corporate information requires an ongoing process of analysis, implementation, assessment, and response to ongoing threats.

Cradle Systems provides services across the Information Technology security domain, helping companies achieve a coherent and comprehensive strategy to protect corporate assets from both internal and external threats.

Enterprise Risk Management

The goal of Enterprise Risk Management is to develop business strategies that protect both tangible and intangible assets under a broad spectrum of loss, including catastrophic losses.

Security Achitecture and Engineering

Our security architecture and engineering services help companies build security into their networks and applications. Work with our senior security engineers to build a secure system. Read more >>

Identity Management

Controlling who has access to a system and limiting their privileges is necessary to securing any information system. Cradle Systems can help put in place the tools and processes needed to manage the identity lifecycle. Read more >>

Cloud Security Services

Cloud security services started with email, web, and single-sign on functionality, but cloud security has grown to encompass other functionality such as encryption and security information and event management (SIEM). Read more >>

Digital Forensics

When an incident occurs, the first response is forward looking - stopping the breach and preventing future exposure from the same channel.

Security Operations Support

Our services enable a smart response to security incidents. Once you've deployed your security infrastructure, everyday operations requires responding to alerts, responding to incidents, and addressing vulnerabilities. Read more >>



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Cradle Systems can work with you to handle a specific incident, architect a solution to address a specific concern, or provide comprehensive data security services.
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